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Hi! I am Adeline.

Graphic and Industrial Designer
Joy Seeker

ArtCenter College of Design 

M.F.A. Graphic Design

Otis College of Art and Design

B.F.A. Product Design

I am a designer who loves to seek simple happiness because our life is already complicated enough. I design with synesthesia, so my designs aren’t meant to be only looked at. They’re designed to be felt, heard, smelled, tasted, and experienced. 

My background in industrial design helps me bring emotion to physical contact with tangible objects. My skills in motion graphics allow me to combine rhythm and beat with visuals. I am also interested in designing digital and physical games to stimulate joyful interactions between the game and the players. When I am not busy designing, you can find me in the kitchen being a great chef.

Me in a Minute



BGM: Beautiful (Instrumental) — iKON

Games: Township — Playrix, Overcooked 2 — Team 17

Cat Instagram: @boss_baobao

Story of Club Duck

Why A Duck?

Duck is the most famous dish in Nanjing, China, where I was born and raised. Therefore, to me, duck means hometown, and also happens to be my favorite food. And, ducks are really cute.

Why A Club?

First, it references the Club suit in playing cards and an iconic representation of simple fun.

Second, the suit club translates into Chinese as “plum flower”, which is the city flower of my hometown, Nanjing.

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