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Kidin: Where Adults Can Be Children

When we were children, we used to do silly things but they made us happy easily. As we grew up, our life is flattened. Simple fun as a child became a luxurious thing.
Mission Statement
Kidin is a program where adults who suffer from the boring and repetitive life can discover the simple joy they had during their childhood. 
ad motion
This is the ad you will see on Instagram. Kidin is divided into three themes, mount, jungle, and sea. The paper plane represents the simple dream from childhood that we can travel around the world by paper plane.
(Click to play. Music applied.)

Kidin advertisement being played through social media apps such as Instagram.

(After Effects, Cinema 4D, Rhinoceros)

BGM: Trazer_Unstoppable

When you are shopping on the street, you will see the two posters. The QR code on the bottom leads you to the website of Kidin.

Promotion posters of Kidin. (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator)

The typeface I designed is called macaroni, which could remind you of sticking your fork teethes into macaroni when you were a kid.
After registering, you will receive a book from Kidin. 
On the cover of the book, there is a donut, or a swim ring, or a cheerios loop, whichever you believe it is. Inside it, there is a picture of a ball pit. Yes, Kidin provides a ball pit.

The book that introduces the concept of Kidin. (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Photoshop)

On the back of the book, you will see the negative space of what's on the cover. In Kidin, there is a giant slide that takes you to the ball pit.
The book is also fun to read! You can have fun with the games in the book.
Here is the architecture of Kidin! You can relieve all your stress and depression, just be as happy as you were a kid!

Kidin playground architectural render.

(Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)


The three main reasons why Kidin exists are:


Adults or pre-adults who have heavy pressure on either study or work have less opportunity to have fun. Stress gives people anxiety and a larger possibility of getting depressed.

Limited accessibility for an adult to find recreation is the main reason why adults are hard to gain happiness. Staying at home, watching videos, and playing games became mainstream recreation for individuals. For group entertainment methods, such as going to amusement parks, takes time to plan and gather a certain amount of people, and figure out if everyone is available. 


Seeking pure and aimless happiness exists in a lot of adults’ dreams. A lot of adults today, even though they are not “old”, they think that “I am old and I am not suitable for playing such a thing. It’s shameful because it represents that one is not hardworking enough or dumb or immature.” They justice themselves by the ageist view. Ageism, which means prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s age. Also, this happens as a social norm too. 

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