Other Works...

Allen Ginsberg Booklet Design

Allen Ginsberg is an American writer who bravely took actions against social norms and justice. During my research, I learned about him, and I can find some similarities between myself and him in this aspect. I made this booklet to show my admiration through typography. This is one of my earliest editorial typography works. I learned to manipulate the graphic layout and how to relate it to the content through this project.

School project at ArtCenter. 

Cycle Design Exhibition

Assigned project by Bobo Online Course.

Cycle Design Exhibition is a hypothetical art exhibition held in China. The theme is that life is immortal. It weathers, and it comes back to life again like a life cycle.

Covid-19 Poster Series

Personal project.

It's an unforgettable 2020. I made this series to memorize the special year for every one of us by inputting my own feeling and understanding about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Interaction Design (Javascript)
Shit Game

I designed this game using javascript. It's a mixture of sound and interaction, as well as a quirky sense of humor.

This particular game involves interactions using the keyboard. So, for a better game experience, I suggest using a laptop web browser.

School project at ArtCenter. 

Music Visualization: Deadmau5 — My Pet Coelacanth

The reason I picked this music was I was attracted by the techno and electronic music style, combined with curses mixed in the music harmoniously.

School project at ArtCenter. 

Motion Exercises
I used this opportunity to practice multiple functions in Cinema 4D.
I practiced using the physical functions in Cinema 4D by combining it with a pastiche of Tom and Jerry, one of my favorite cartoons.