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Other Works...

Allen Ginsberg Booklet Design

Allen Ginsberg is an American writer who bravely took actions against social norms and justice. During my research, I learned about him, and I can find some similarities between myself and him in this aspect. I made this booklet to show my admiration through typography. This is one of my earliest editorial typography works. I learned to manipulate the graphic layout and how to relate it to the content through this project.

School project at ArtCenter. 

Covid-19 Poster Series

Personal project.

It's an unforgettable 2020. I made this series to memorize the special year for every one of us by inputting my own feeling and understanding about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Interaction Design (Javascript)
Shit Game

I designed this game using javascript. It's a mixture of sound and interaction, as well as a quirky sense of humor.

This particular game involves interactions using the keyboard. So, for a better game experience, I suggest using a laptop web browser.

School project at ArtCenter. 

Music Visualization: Deadmau5 — My Pet Coelacanth

The reason I picked this music was I was attracted by the techno and electronic music style, combined with curses mixed in the music harmoniously.

School project at ArtCenter. 

motion exercises
Motion Exercises
I used this opportunity to practice multiple functions in Cinema 4D.
I practiced using the physical functions in Cinema 4D by combining it with a pastiche of Tom and Jerry, one of my favorite cartoons.
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