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Fashion: IND

Skill involved: sewing, pattern design.

Program involved: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop.


What’s individualism? As a person who grew up in a collectivist society, I have never heard about this terminology before. Individualism emphasizes the personality of each person, and it embraces differences, which I find valuable.

Historically, many art movements began and artworks were created because the pioneers didn’t want to be prudish in what’s already existed. They might not be commonly accepted at the beginning, but they provide an opportunity for the society to face and try new things, and eventually, the market or the public will automatically select the acceptable ones. This is the nature of human history.


The apparel consists of two parts, one is the jacket.

It looks black on the outside, but secrets hide in.

The featured zipper on the back of the jacket can be opened up all the way to the top. Therefore, the tank top printed with your own customized pattern is revealing.

Underneath your arms, there is a band that has the same pattern as your inner tank top.

The hood lining, the band underneath your arms, and the tank top are the three positions that share the same pattern, which again, you could customize on your own.

You take off the jacket, the tank top is completely shown, which shows your own preference.

Features of the product:

Colorway (customization) examples:




Tech Drawing:



Bill of materials:

Cost Benefit Decision:



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