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Kidin: Where Adults Can Be Children

Today I am going to guide you through the trip at Kidin. In advance, I would warn you that there are nudities in the presentation. But since we are all adults, let’s start.

When we were children, we used to do silly things but they made us happy easily. As we grew up, our life is flattened. Simple fun as a child became a luxurious thing.

Kidin is a program where adults who suffer from the boring and repetitive life can discover the

simple joy they had during their childhood. The program consists of both physical activities,

including the playgrounds inside recreation centers and digital ways of having simple fun.

One day, you are shopping on the street, and suddenly, you see the two posters.

I am not who I am, I am still who I was. You wonder what does this mean. You scanned the QR code on the bottom.

Welcome to Kidin. This is the first time you come to the Kidin journey.

Here you will meet the first section of Kidin playground, the Mount section. See the stairs surrounding it? What’s up there?

On the roof there is a cute rainbow.

Come back down from the ladder, there is a platform, and you can see a door and a table. What are they leading toward?

Entering the only door on the same floor, you discover the second section, Sky section. In here, you can interact with the sky-themed objects.

The exit of the heavy cloud is actually an entrance of a slide which leads you to the ground.

As you notice, there are two slides coming from the second floor, so how can you slide down from the other slide?

Yes! The table you just found from the outside was the entrance!

Lets slide!

The last section of Kidin Playground is the Sea section. Enjoy your time with water and the fake beach outside!

If you become a member, you will receive the Kidin book.



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