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Do you have nightmares? If you do, you probably will agree that nightmares are usually not about what we are afraid of in daily life, but imply something we are afraid of from our deep unconsiousness. Here are the visuallizations of two of my nightmares.

Warning!!! Large Videos!!! Take Cellular Data!!! (Headphone recommended, 3D stereo mixed sound effect applied.)

Program involved: Adobe After Effect, Cinema 4D


I came to a pure and bright snowfield with many pine trees. It's a great opportunity to ski. When I was about to enjoy the snow, my friend tapped my shoulder, and said "Look straight ahead". Then I suddenly found that on each tree, there are a child hanging on the branch. When I turn my head around, I found that my friend was one of them!


I came back from a trip. Our cat Baobao came outdoor to meet me. It was raining Baobaos and dogs. I saw him crossing the street. However, the flood was too heavy to pass. He was flooded away by the rain into the drain.

After I got back home, my roommate said she found Baobao already. I ran to see him, and found he lost two front legs, which caused me headache.

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